Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blogging for RUBBISH

As I mentioned a couple of posts back I've been blogging reportage illustrations from London Fashion Week for the RUBBISH Mag blog - Here are the links!

Erin O'Connor
Charles Anastase
Paula Reed


  1. Hello's...just thought I'd stop by to say I love your blog 'tis addictive more so then cheese on toast in fact...erm, moving on swiftly your necklaces (a past post) are delicious I loves the dizzy colours!
    Well bye for now
    Peace & Bows...

  2. Herro Herro! -Thankyou so much!! - I'm new to this blogging game so that is truly much appreciated (GuShh!!) - More necklace posts coming!! - Just been perusing through your blog - tis awesome - I am a little addicted already - I want to see more of your illustration tho!!yes please!! ^_^