Tuesday, 26 May 2009



The Daydream Network - DD06

I am very excited to have an image in the current issue of Daydream! woohoo! Please have a look at their website and if you've got a few quid buy the issue! :)

'This sleek and sexy 6th edition of Daydream is jam packed with 80 pages of uninterrupted creative offerings, featuring photographers, writers, illustrators and designers. This is also the debut of Inua Ellams as literature editor for word-art submissions, so you are sure to find some surprise and solace in the wise, weird and wonderful words within the pages of one of the finest editions yet!

Daydream is produced independently in London and is a guaranteed fix of inspiration featuring established names and hidden gems from across the globe. http://www.daydreamnetwork.com to get your copy, for more info and how to get involved.'

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Unmasked Exhibition

Girl Green

Girl Red

ISLS (sorry this is from a crappy photo - when I get my hands on a larger scanner I'll post up a better image!)

I was recently in an exhibition off of Brick Lane with some pals of mine from my University course. It went really well, here are a few of the pieces I did for it and a couple of action shots - will get the other images up soon!

Setting up.

My wall

Ron and Cris post private view.

...And of course never forgetting my good luck charm there in the corner!

Eat My Shoulder Pads

So I've trying my tablet at a bit of Graphic design of late! Tasked in creating a logo, flyer and poster design for the pop up 80's event company Eat My Shoulder Pads. Anyone who knows me knows that probably quite sadly I am very partial to a bit of 80s (seriously I still have all the toys and a seven inch of Limahl- I blame my older brother)often sighting Back to the Future as as one of my influences! So this has been so much fun, plus it helps when this is a seriously cool eighties night held in pop up locations around London and you're given shoulder pads on the door- the last one being at The Portugese Sporting mens club (slot machines and a retired Portugese pop star and all) in Westbourne park -GENIUS! Can you guess where the logo derives from?

AAT Magazine

Three shiny, well actually matte copies of Art And Things arrived at my house on the weekend, filled with short stories, art and things (sorry about that) and the two illustrations I created for 'A Well Oiled Heart'. You can see the illustrations properly here and also where one is the first thing you see on on the AAT website! Ace.

Currently working on the images for the next installment of the story! watch this pixel.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Disappear Here 2

Following from my earlier DH post, issue 2 of the mag was published and let loose in shops and bars and obscure places across London not so long ago - grab one if you can!

...and here you can see mine and Siobhan's individual images in the main article. Upsettingly they didn't manage to use our collaboration due to our poor and inexperienced photography skills - words to the wise don't use a digital slr for the first time ever on the night of the shooting while drinking ginger wine!! Here's a couple of the better images from our shoddy camera work!!