Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Eat My Shoulder Pads

So I've trying my tablet at a bit of Graphic design of late! Tasked in creating a logo, flyer and poster design for the pop up 80's event company Eat My Shoulder Pads. Anyone who knows me knows that probably quite sadly I am very partial to a bit of 80s (seriously I still have all the toys and a seven inch of Limahl- I blame my older brother)often sighting Back to the Future as as one of my influences! So this has been so much fun, plus it helps when this is a seriously cool eighties night held in pop up locations around London and you're given shoulder pads on the door- the last one being at The Portugese Sporting mens club (slot machines and a retired Portugese pop star and all) in Westbourne park -GENIUS! Can you guess where the logo derives from?

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